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Recognized by the ILS Africa

As educators, we help children in their psychomotor development, taking into account the development stage they are in and their individual characteristics.

The SIW educator course will help you teach skills that can save a life, play with your students and teach them to swim.

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This course maintains the format of face-to-face training in terms of content. It has the disadvantage of not having a practical component. It is intended primarily for Professionals outside Portugal.

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SIW Head coach

A SIW school must have a pedagogical coordinator who is responsible for the learning, conduct, and results by applying the method. Besides knowing the method and how to apply it, they must know how to guide the team. To be able to do this, he must have some tools that facilitate the control of learning, as well as the sequence of contents covered and problems existing in each class. These tools allow a general and at the same time detailed supervision of all the students in each class even without being present. It is necessary not only to know how to use and evaluate the tools we provide, but also to be available to help your team with the difficulties presented in meeting the objectives. Your activity is not only about control but also about the homogeneous planning of events. These events aim to mark something special at school with objectives and content adjusted to the methodology, the location and the learning stage of the students. A Coordinator is a mirror of the educators.


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Safer in Water is a teaching methodology whose mission is to prevent child drowning. This way, parents who attend a SAFER IN WATER® parent course learn:

  • First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Safe ways to rescue others without putting yourself in danger
  • Signs and information on topics such as tide times and heights, underwater hazards, currents, waves, and other important water hazards

The risks that a lack of supervision can entail


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exclusive workshops

These workshops are exclusive to SAFER IN WATER Schools

cursos intensivos de verao

Summer Intensive Courses

SIW summer intensive courses are designed for children from the age of 3. Only SIW schools can conduct them. In this workshop, SIW Educators will have access to the detailed planning of 10 lessons to achieve the goals and show the results.


Courses for babies - Preparation for summer

In this workshop 7 classes will be presented, each with a theme. These classes aim to prepare parents for the summer, in order to promote early aquatic education: supervision and safe conduct; how they can enjoy the time with their children, in the water, in a fun and risk-free way and with lots of learning; and what toys they should take on vacation.


Specific training for Head Coach

This training consists in preparing the coordinator for specific pedagogical functions such as: use of materials to control the evaluations of the students’ learnings and consequently of the work developed by the educators; elaboration of the annual plan of activities appropriate for their school; planning of each event in the annual plan of activities.