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Our mission is to provide professionals who implement aquatic prevention and safety in swim schools. Drowning prevention can and should start in swimming lessons within the swimming school.

Our priority is not instruction, but rather making the child live experiences that nurture knowledge and search for the broader paths of wisdom, in order to meet the needs and challenges they encounter in the aquatic environment.

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South Africa 

World Conference on Drowning Prevention

SIW was present at WCDP2019, represented by the creator of the methodology, with the objective of promoting aquatic safety by teaching swimming and safety skills taking into account the child’s development, abilities and limits. The pillars for skill creation and learning are based mainly on the factors that influence the ability to swim/drown in an unexpected situation and the causes of drowning. Also at the World Conference, our founder participated in a meeting of drowning prevention specialists to research the typical behaviors of a person in distress in the aquatic environment. From this meeting resulted an article already published “The visible Behavior of Drowning Persons: a pilot observational study using Analytic Software and a Nominal Group Technique” published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health [IJERPH]. You can consult it here.

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perth, austrália

World Congress on Drowning Prevention 2023

Safer in Water will be present, for the second consecutive time, at the World Congress on Drowning Prevention to be held in December 2023 in Perth, Australia. The theme presented by Prof. Liliana Oliveira and Dr. Ana Catrina Queiroga is associated with the impact that the methodology has on children who learn to swim using this method in the perception of parents regarding aquatic safety. ‘The 3Ss for Water Competence of the SAFER IN WATER PROGRAM – Parents’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the distinctive features of this water safety program.’ It will not only be a moment to share the work developed in Portugal for drowning prevention but also, and mainly, a time to learn a lot about what is being developed worldwide on this subject.

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Book "Water Safety Tale's"

A children’s book in rhyming prose is about to be released, with playful and illustrated content about safety rules in and around water, at the beach and in the pool, for children aged 3 to 9 years old. With this book we hope to promote knowledge and keep children safer around water.


safer in water

The Safer In Water® educator has one mission:
To promote Aquatic Education

Infantile Swimming

At each stage of a child’s development there are new learnings to be done and new experiences to be had.

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Baby Swimming

Baby swimming is the familiarization with the aquatic environment in our program. We design methods and…

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Early Childhood Swimming

From 3 to 5 years old, children have a very favorable development of the 3 areas …

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Swimming at school age

In this phase, besides already performing the basic safety procedures, we try to perform more complete skills…