Safer In Water

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The Safer In Water® educator has one mission:

To promote Aquatic Education

being a SIW® educator

To be a SIW Educator is much more than teaching swimming. It is to have a deep knowledge about the development of children in the three fundamental areas (motor, cognitive and social) and to know how to accompany their learnings in each moment and stage that the child is in.

Conducting a learning process is for us educators a mission and a commitment to society in that we can be active agents in the prevention of drowning.

In classes with the SIW Methodology, educators will present playful proposals, with defined objectives and based on essential aquatic skills, according to individual characteristics and needs at the level of psychomotor development.

What sets us apart is the quality of teaching that we transmit, the passion for teaching swimming, and the innovative way we approach the methodology, respecting the child’s development and applying appropriate strategies for their safety in the aquatic environment. Above all, we want teachers who are fulfilled and happy with the work they do.

SIW® educators around the world


Margarida Penalva Sequeira Torres Vedras, Portugal

"Suddenly we can only talk about swimming if we associate it with water safety. It has changed everything for me, the swimming styles are present but what makes sense is first and foremost is to learn techniques to be 'Safer In Water'."

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Inês Tomé Marteleira, Portugal

"It was a week full of new challenges, new experiences, and a lot of overcoming. No doubt that the course brought me a new method of teaching the classes, where aquatic safety is always present. Thanks Liliana, my little fish and sharks are loving it."

Prevent and reduce the number of drownings in our country.